LABCORE is a young and dynamic company that has been founded by a group of engineers with over 20 years’ experience in the field of scientific instrumentation and laboratory solutions.

Based on our diverse background, we at LABCORE, aim to provide a wide range of high-end products and technologies, with a main focus on the quality of service and support to ensure long-term partnership with our customers.

Our Vision:

We are working persistently to provide more developed healthcare and scientific solutions, products, services, and assisting our customers, while adhering to our ethical values and respecting social and environmental concerns which will be positively reflected in our customers’ satisfaction, excellent teamwork performance and high-quality business sector.

Our Mission

To inspire hope and contribute to health and well-being by providing state of the art advanced technologies and healthcare solutions to our partners

Our Goals

•Projects’ commitment
•Continuous progress
•Respecting timeframes
•End user and patient safety
•Excellent financial outcomes
•Medical care provider development

Customer base

•Food industry
•Medical Laboratories
•Research centers
•Healthcare public sector
•Pharma industry
•Oil refineries